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Cory de Jong & Son, Inc.

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Most of our products we have pre bagged but please call ahead to make sure we have enough! As always our friendly staff is ready and able to help! Sometimes though not here to help with loading so if you need help with loading heavy bags just call ahead to make sure someone is here to help. Thank you!!!! We look forward to seeing you



ude Jong Sawdust & Shavings offers a wide variety of landscaping and animal products that keep your yard and animals looking healthy and happy. Our yard locations are in Redmond and Lake Stevens Washington. We offer top-quality Shavings, Sawdust, Cedar animal friendly hog fuel and Cedar Play Chips. Fertil-Mulch®, Chicken-N-Chips®, DJ garden mix topsoil to help you maintain a healthy beautiful yard, as well as grow healthy, safe fruits and vegetables. Give us a call today for more information!

Hey you REDMOND self baggers! Please note that most our products come pre-bagged now. No more self bagging sorry. Safety for you is our first concern! Yes, we still load products in your truck or trailer.

How We Started

Cory de Jong II and his ten-year-old son started Cory de Jong & Son, Inc in 1950 with one delivery truck that delivered sawdust and shavings to local farms. Sixty-Five "65" years later Cory de Jong III, granddaughter Shannon de Jong, and great grandson Cornelius John de Jong IV continue Cory Sr's legacy that we all know today as de Jong Sawdust & Shavings and de Jong's Avondale Bark & Topsoil. We're still supplying local farms with animal bedding and quality landscape products for satisfied customers all over the Puget Sound area.

De Jong Trusted Team, Landscaping Products in Redmond, WA

de Jong Sawdust & Shavings Today

During the past half-century the company has grown and now is also a major supplier of quality landscaping products to both residential and commercial customers. We carry bark (Medium Fine, Coarse, and Super Fine), our great composted mulches (Fertil-Mulch® and Chicken n' Chips®), cedar play chips, topsoil (DJ Soil Garden Mix & All Purpose), as well as animal friendly cedar hog fuel, sawdust, and shavings. We also now rent containers for you to use for animal waste.

While prompt, friendly, and efficient delivery of materials is our specialty, most of our products are also available to pick up at our main office in Redmond or our yard in Lake Stevens. 

Fertil-Mulch® and Chicken n' Chips® are registered trademarks of Cory de Jong & Son, Inc.

At our Lake Stevens location, bring your own bags and you can self bag or buy it pre-bagged.
Call ahead for pre-bagged with any questions (425) 252-1556. We appreciate your business and are looking forward to seeing you.

 Our Family-Owned-and-Operated Business Proudly Serves King, Snohomish, Island, and Skagit Counties
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