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Cedar Play Chips Bulk & Pre Bagged
Avondale Bark & Topsoil, Play Chips Play chips are non treated, environmentally safe and can be used in a wide variety of applications. The chips are bark free so you and your family are safe from irritating little slivers.

Play chips dissipate to break a fall under your play set, whether at home, school, or day care. For your pet's play area, cedar discourages fleas which will make you and your pet happy.

Play chips can also be used in landscaping: for a walking path or if you like the chunky look and color, they can be used as a mulch.

Play chips can also be used in a French drain.

For horses, play chips can be put under hog fuel also to help drainage.

Approximate size 1" to 4" length and 1/8" thick.

Color and texture may vary