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Medium Fine Bark Bulk & Pre Bagged

Avondale Bark & Topsoil, Medium Fine Bark Mulch


Bark Mulch is generally used as a mulch to control evaporation of water and to help prevent the weeds you took so much time to pull out from returning so soon. It is also occasionally used in indoor arenas for horse footing. The size of our Medium Fine Bark is about 1 1/2" Minus, meaning that usually the biggest pieces are that size and smaller. It is unscreened so it can have larger pieces. If you are unsure we always suggest you come out and take a look since you will be looking at it everyday for awhile. One yard will cover 100sq Ft or 10' x 10' Ft area this will put it 3" deep.

Color and texture may vary. 

Also our bark is all Hem Fir ~ Doug Fir. We don't add anything else to stretch it out. You want bark and bark is what you get. Price: Call for our Current prices