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                   Chicken N' Chips® Bulk & Pre Bagged

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Avondale Bark & Topsoil, Chicken N' Chips

Chicken N' Chips® consists of chicken manure, horse manure, Hemlock and Douglas Fir wood shavings.When tilled in the ground for your garden, the longer fiber length of the wood shavings does not break down as fast as sawdust. This allows it to aerate your soil longer. When used as a top dressing it helps keep the weeds down and when it rains the non-chemical fertilizer goes down into the ground to feed your plants strait away. The Chicken N' Chips® creates a little crust causing it to stay better on hills.

Also, we test it for pathogens and heavy metals: it grades AA, safe for you and your family to use even on your vegetable gardens.

Good for winter and fall sheet mulching! When your veggies are all done leave the the old veggies, cardboard then put 4" or more of Chicken N' Chips on top. Come spring when you till the ground all the old veggies will be composted and the nutrients will be back in your soil. Ready to plant again.  

Unlike our Fertil Mulch® the Chicken N Chips® has NOT been screened, so it is an unfinished, natural, environmentally friendly earthy looking product. Please don't be surprised by a rock or two and possible some twine or string. 

Rocks in the garden retain heat during the day and release the heat to your roots on cold Northwest nights.

 If you are looking for a more natural Earthy product Chicken N' Chips® is a great choice!